Medical Alert Software for Institutions

State healthcare agencies, healthcare providers, listen up!

We want to partner with you. We have the same goal as you probably do: helping seniors to age in place safely and with dignity. That’s why we create medical alert software for institutions, healthcare providers and social workers.

Did you know, the US government values aging in place so much, they have a whole page devoted to helping seniors do so?

Every state council on aging that we have looked at mentions aging in place as a priority in the plans they submit to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

To further support professionals in the field, we are hard at work right now creating and piloting a set of dashboards so that one social worker or healthcare provider can monitor wellbeing of hundreds of patients or care recipients at one time. That’s progress! So, please reach out to us if you are interested in participating in one of our pilots. Personal emergency alert services on smartphones is a huge opportunity to help keep our seniors safe!

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Institutional Partners

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