Personal medical alert services are they key to aging in place.

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The key to a safe and healthy senior population in the 21st century is keeping their family members, healthcare professionals and social workers apprised of their wellbeing. With weak government funding and a focus on aging in place as an alternative to assisted living, it’s more important than ever to have personal medical alert services – either in the form of a device or a simple app on your smartphone.

With many seniors on a very tight budget, I’m just fine! is democratizing access to quality medical alert services. Our solution empowers a family to cover the urgent needs of their aging or disabled loved ones by putting the power of information in their hands in the form of timely alerts when we’re not getting feedback from the individual in the form of a confirmation that they are, indeed, OK.

I’m just fine! is a great alternative to medical alert bracelets, because it’s so much less costly and there is nothing to wear! Additionally, with your family deciding what to do in an emergency instead of a call center, you may be able to avoid expensive services such as ambulances when they’re not really necessary.

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