I’m just fine! is the personal emergency alert system for your phone

Home health monitoring is so important, and it’s not just for the elderly! Create a family or neighborhood circle and keep everyone safe! Stay connected and secure at home. Help is on its way if your family and friends know there’s a problem.  Our service offers reassurance to those who cherish their independence – by notifying your important people if you are unresponsive and appear to need assistance. Experience the freedom of living on your terms, knowing help is within reach.


In a perfect world, family would always keep in touch, and you may depend on those daily calls. But when life gets in the way, it’s helpful to have a reminder to check in when it seems like there may be a problem. I’m just fine! is the service that will help make sure that you or your loved one living alone is doing OK and getting help engaged if needed. Our service helps you be proactive with your loved ones and doesn’t require exorbitant monthly payments. When something happens and you need help, we put the power in the hands to decide how to help you. In this way, you avoid expensive ambulance services and other help from strangers that might not be needed! Home health monitoring is worth a small investment. You will feel better knowing  your loved one is just fine!

*Note: We’re in beta right now, so be aware that the app might be restricted at the moment, but sign up with your e-mail to be informed when it’s in full release!

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24/7/365 RESPONSE

You know your family’s got your back always! So help them help you!

Cost Effective

Very inexpensive compared to other services and no strangers sending you expensive ambulances or other services you may not need!


You don’t need complicated settings! Just a few quick clicks to get started!

Fostering Connection

It’s so important that your family know how you are doing. Keep them informed!


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You or someone else


  • Up to 5 followers
  • Peace of mind
  • Android / IOS App

Family Plan

Up to 4 people monitored

  • Monitor 4 people
  • Protect privacy
  • Autonomy

Friend Circle

Up to 9 people monitored

  • Huge savings
  • For large groups
  • Peace of mind


For groups up to 50!

  • < $1 / month each
  • Large families
  • Neighborhoods



More independence for your agency’s charges. Less labor to keep track of their wellbeing!

Keep folks home

Everyone’s goal is to be able to stay in their own home as long as possible!

Our Approach

A proactive approach to catch dangerous situations before they damage the health of your enrollee

some older folks

Institutions and agencies!

Get in touch to pilot our dashboard, where you’ll be able to monitor the wellbeing of numerous enrollees at the same time! Qualify for bulk discounts to get your entire enrollee base covered at a very reasonable cost!


Become an Affiliate !

Did you know you can get a discount for yourself and people in your network, all while earning a commission for every person who subscribes and stays in our network for at least three months?