Caring for elderly loved ones who live alone can be a source of concern for family members.

You want to ensure their well-being and be there for them, even when you can’t be physically present. That’s where I’m just fine! comes into play.

I’m just fine! is an Android and iOS application designed to provide peace of mind by allowing loved ones to check in and share their well-being status. The app is incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for seniors living independently.

The concept is simple but powerful. Your loved one can periodically check in with the app – it could be every hour, every few hours, or even once a day, depending on their needs and your level of concern. By responding to the app’s prompt, they let you know they are conscious and responsive.

This straightforward system is a great way to keep tabs on your aging parent or loved one without intruding on their independence. It allows them to maintain their autonomy while providing you with the reassurance that they’re okay. I’m just fine! is a valuable tool for maintaining a connection and ensuring the safety of elderly loved ones who live alone.

We found this article you might find interesting on the National Library of Medicine’s website, entitled Family Caregiving for Older Adults.

Here is the abstract:

Family Caregiving for Older Adults


Family members are the primary source of support for older adults with chronic illness and disability. Thousands of published empirical studies and dozens of reviews have documented the psychological and physical health effects of caregiving, identified caregivers at risk for adverse outcomes, and evaluated a wide range of intervention strategies to support caregivers. Caregiving as chronic stress exposure is the conceptual driver for much of this research. We review and synthesize the literature on the impact of caregiving and intervention strategies for supporting caregivers. The impact of caregiving is highly variable, driven largely by the intensity of care provided and the suffering of the care recipient. The intervention literature is littered with many failures and some successes. Successful interventions address both the pragmatics of care and the emotional toll of caregiving. We conclude with both research and policy recommendations that address a national agenda for caregiving.

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